Retro Vintage Light Up Arrow Sign (3 Sizes Available)


Retro American Arrow with LED bulbs will bring some Seriously Cool Retro Goodness to your Home, Garage, Workshop or even the Office with our Retro Arrow range

The Arrow looks as if it was built in the 1950s, with its Deliberately Distressed and Worn Finish thanks to some clever Powder Coating Techniques We don't just want our arrows to look 70 years old, but want them to last 70+ years as well Each arrow, much like every one of our products is Hand Made with care and attention to detail by the JBI Team in the United Kingdom.

Complete with 3 individual LED bulbs, this Wall Mountable Sign will shine bright wherever you decide to install it The 3-meter-long power cable supplied offers plenty of length, allowing for the arrow to be mounted just about anywhere!

Mount on the Wall, or even Hang from the Ceiling, the possibilities are endless (no ceiling hanging chain supplied with arrow) Key Hole Hooks located on the back of the arrow make for stress free, easy installation 


  • Small:
    • Width: 600mm
    • Height: 185mm
  • Medium:
    • Width: 1200mm
    • Height: 372mm
  • Large:
    • Width: 1800mm
    • Height: 558mm