We operate on a 28-day turnaround time. From the moment payment is agreed and we have received the payment, your work will be with you in 28 days. We aim to do it quicker than that though.

Should there be anything that will delay the work beyond these 28 days, we will contact you and keep you fully updated.

Product Guarantees

Your products are guaranteed for 12 months after you have received the goods. This covers manufacturing faults and product failures. If there is evidence of misuse or rough use of the product which has resulted in damage, your guarantee is void.

In the first 3 months after receipt, it will be free to return the goods for repair, we will cover the cost of the shipment from your premises, and back to you. After this initial 3-month period, you will have to return the products at your own cost. If the fault is not a manufacturing fault/damage, you may be liable for shipping and repair costs.

As bulbs are a consumable, we offer no guarantees or warranties for them. Please check the product within 72 hours of receiving the goods and report any bulb-related issues so these can be rectified.


Receiving Goods

Depending on the size of your goods, you may receive it on a pallet. We are not responsible or liable for the disposal or removal of this pallet, it is the customer's duty to dispose of it.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the products are not damaged and there is no visible damage to the pallet, the wrapping or the boxes before signing for the pallet.

If the pallet is signed for whilst damaged, Bob Cool cannot proceed to make a claim on the item with our couriers, as damage claims will be void. Therefore in this instance we will not refund or remake the product.

Before the goods leave Bob Cool's premises, we photograph them in a working order and fully test the item to ensure it is working before we ship it.


Proofing Service

We offer a full proofing service to all customers for their product, this will be charged at 10% of the overall cost of the project, up to a maximum value of £200. This will be taken off the overall cost of the project, as a non-refundable deposit.

We will offer a low-fidelity mockup of what the finished goods will look like free of charge if this is required.

If large changes are required after the proofing has been completed, the project's overall cost may need to be adjusted to reflect the amendments to the design.


Payment Plans

Any payment for Proofing will be deducted from the 100% payment we require i.e. if you pay 10% of the cost for the proof, you will then only need to pay the remaining 90% for work to commence.